PIDIDDLE at Cinema

by Brutus Martinek

PIDIDDLE for Cinema

A movie about plastic surgery gone horribly wrong.
In her pursuit of happiness through physical perfection, she never made it off the operating table.
A death mask was made in her honor, and in turn was buried with her.
Her soul was so plagued by the fear of losing her body, that she rose from her grave still lugging her dead corpse along with her.
Her family so ashamed of her selfish disfigurement had made the mask in her likeness .. not of the face she was put to rest with.
So she wears her death mask never to remove it, in hopes she will find a cure for her un-beating heart.

Includes Death Mask (unrigged mesh – mod/copy/no trans)
Bodysuit and Tattoo (chest piece unrigged mesh – mod/copy/no trans)
Nails(shown in photo below – mod/copy/no trans)

All pieces can be purchased separately.

Located in the horror Genre Section

Enjoy the show!
Brutus Martinek |PIDIDDLE|