PIDIDDLE – The Platinum Hunt Deux

by Brutus Martinek

In August 2010 CHIC Management held its first hunt, “The Platinum Hunt”. Designers were asked to present an item worth 400L or more, in a 10L box hidden in their store. This August we are bringing The Platinum Hunt Deux to the grid, the same style, and more of the amazing brands you love. We plan to hold this event from 4pm SLT (Midnight GMT) on August 12th – August 31st.

PIDIDDLE’s hunt item is a set of 3 never before released tops.

You will be looking for a small blue gift box with pearls spilling out of it.
Hint: Read the news lately?

Hints and SLURLS to the stores participating can be found here:
The Platinum Hunt Deux  Hints/SLURLs


PIDIDDLE Mainstore

Brutus Martinek