PIDIDDLE – Alabama Tornado Relief Fundraiser

by Brutus Martinek

As you probably have all heard, the past few months have been extremely hard for those who have been affected by the recent tornadoes. Mid-Alabama was the worst hit, so we have joined together to help raise funds to help those in need.

This event will consist of two parts. The yard sale bit, and the items creators have donated. Yard sale items will be one copy only, and have been donated from various people’s inventory to help raise money for this cause. The creator’s items do not have a set buying limit, In exception to LoQ’s item, which is a one of a kind pair of shoes she has graciously donated.

100% of proceeds will go to the mid-Alabama Red Cross chapter, and all receipts will be made public.

PIDIDDLE’s item is a set of 3 color variations of the previously released feather hair extensions. These color combinations have been made exclusively for this fundraiser and will never be available again after it is over.

LoQ’s item is these adorable pair of pumps! These are one of a kind, one pair only, and will be first come, first serve.

This event will open up today at 2pm slt. (May 18th, 2011)