PIDIDDLE – The Little Big Shop Event /04.15.2011/

by Brutus Martinek

“The purpose of The Little BIG Shop Event is to encourage designers to stick together and share their talents. It primarely focuses on having established big shops help out little shops who havent quite grown by teaching them in their own way either how to manage or how to build, and make quality products”

PIDIDDLE and PomPomPom have collaborated!

The gorgeous sequin dress is by Evelyn Hartshon, owner of PomPomPom, and the face makeup is by me!

All proceeds of this collab item will go to the Clean Water Project.


Along with our collab project, we both have created our own items for this event. (These items are not full profit to the project, but to the creator)

The Ahava dress is made to give your av the affect of wearing a dress of water. A notecard is included with this on how to wear it successfully (yay for sculpts \o/)

DripDrop LipColor includes both with and without teeth versions.

Little Big Shop Event Venue