PIDIDDLE Cosmetics @ Kozmetika

by Brutus Martinek

PIDIDDLE Cosmetics

Available at Kozmetika

Opening 01.22.2011


Kozmetika is SL’s first multi-brand cosmetics store, and will feature PIDIDDLE’s new cosmetic line, along with many other brands.

PIDIDDLE Cosmetics offers a large variety of lip colors, as well as cheek colors with many more items to come!

You can buy the cosmetics separately, or in the varied collection packs available for a special bundled price.

Every lip color includes 4 options:

☆ Matte and Glossy

☆ Teeth and No Teeth

Although I have tested these with many skins, not all skins are alike, therefore on some skins these makeup layers will not be compatible. I have set up testers. Try before you buy!

You must have a tattoo layer compatible viewer in order to use these layers.

Always Remember to

*Pamper Your Pixels*