PIDIDDLE has been copybotted

by Brutus Martinek

If you have a store, it is in your best interest to ban this avatar, as well as her partner Kush Runner. I logged in to msg’s stating someone had copybotted my entire new mainstore build. She has also copybotted things from Lisp and Miasnow.

UPDATE: Her alt is Kymbrlyn Rae

Her name is Chrisie Adored, and her partner’s name is Kush Runner.

(UPDATE: She has been banned from SL, but still ban her partner from your land/sim)

Riki Yifu and Note Buaku worked hard to make my store awesome and to reflect me. They don’t deserve this, and I sure as hell am not going to put up with anything of mine (or my friend’s) things being stolen.

We work hard to bring life to SL. When you copybot, you take away that spark that makes creators want to create here. You take away the creators and you have NOTHING.

If you ever see something you suspect is stolen, report it!

Now I’m going to go eat a whole thing of Edy’s icecream and cry a little.

– Bru