Grand Opening of PIDIDDLE’s New Mainstore!!

by Brutus Martinek

Its taken forever, but the new PIDIDDLE mainstore is finally having its grand opening tomorrow!

October 30th, 2010 – 9am slt


The new location is on the Existence sim,

which is home to BOOM, /me poses, Skream!, Moddg, Bodyline, Bohica, Minettes, and Miseria Mainstores!

Its a beautiful sim with wonderful designers, and I’m proud to be a part of it!

Now let’s get down to what is going on for the grand opening!
I’ve released some new items of course:

Beirut Jeans.10 washes to choose from! Great fit for any style! Features leather knee pads, and leather belt trim.

Beirut Vests. 18 colors to choose from (YES 18!!) Can be worn layered over something, or by itself? ( idk it depends on how much of an exhibitionist you are )

Obsessions Tanks 23 colors and styles! Slightly transparent, fun and sexy to wear with a pair of jeans, or anything really!

Also a fun mini hunt! I’ve made some season themed items that I’ve hidden around the store. Find the pumpkins!! There are 5 total 🙂

This is the landmark, but the store will not be accessible until October 30th, 9am slt. So if you come early, you will probably see me poking around. It will be just like the zoo, except without the overpriced lemonade.

See you there!

❤ Bru