by Brutus Martinek

Want to be the first to know about releases, sales, and in store gifts?
Join Pididdle’s exclusive in world group!
All it takes is a one time fee of 150l
What makes it exclusive and what do i get?
*First look at newness
*Exclusive item color of every release
*Special group only sales and gifts
*Special group only events and contests
Due to the number of requests I’ve gotten to be added to PIDIDDLE’s exclusive group, I have now set the group to a single joining fee of 150L.
The reason I haven’t opened it for free is because of the number of gifts I am going to be sending out, and a number of group only benefits that are going to be sent through as well.
If this fee seems unfair, or too much to you, just consider the amazing benefits you’ll be recieving 🙂
If you love PIDIDDLE, then this is the group for you!
To find the group to join it, copy and paste this link into your local chat bar:
Press enter to put it into chat, and click the link to open up to the group info page.
Join and voila!
You can contact my with any questions, and I will answer promptly 🙂
Love, Bru