Gatcha Gatcha Fest at Cioccolata

by Brutus Martinek

Gatcha Gatcha Festival!   in cioccolata
**A “Gatcha Gatcha” is a lucky dip vending machine;
    pay the machine and recieve a random gift. **
    Pididdle is participating in this amazing festival , I’ve put some cute things in my Gatcha Gatcha for you all ^^
Its from September 18th – October 31st :]

The items are able to be transfered, so if you get a double of an item, you can give to a friend ^^.

To get a prize, simply pay the machine 25l, and you will be given a random prize from the machine!


Lots of cute stores are participating so have lots of fun!

SLURL to cioccolata:

❤ Bru